Top 15 G-Spot Vibrators in 2019

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Reaching a squirting orgasm is something that every woman can do, she just needs to find the right stimulation spot, and how she likes it to be done. A great to way to try new ways of g-spot stimulation is using a g-spot vibrator that is specially design for this matter.

As you may have already experienced yourself, achieving a G-spot orgasm can be a difficult task, depending on the woman and the person trying to stimulate her. Often times women have real trouble to reach this type of orgasm and to experience female ejaculation.

G-spot stimulation vibrators come in all types of sizes, formats and colors, and are probably the best way to try and explore the squirting orgasm and the g-spot mystery. Below these lines you will find the top 15 selling G-spot stimulation sex toys in the market.

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Why Should You Buy A G-Spot Vibrator?

The fact is that stimulating the g-spot with your own hand, or having  your lover doing it for you can be a very tiring job, and it’s very difficult to do it for long enough without having to stop or getting too tired.

This becomes very normal when you start the quest to reach your first g-spot orgasm. You really don’t know where to stimulate and what you need to feel in order to be able to squirt.

Therefore it normally takes time and lots of stimulation to reach that first squirting orgasm. Lots of trial and error until it happens. And there is where g-spot stimulation sex toys become very convenient and come in very handy.

Sex toys NEVER get tired, they do their job non-stop and relentlessly, so they are ideal to start the quest for the g-spot orgasm experience. As long as they have a charged battery, they will stimulate your g-spot as long as you need.

This is the reason why buying a g-spot vibrator is a great idea and a good option to start. After you dominate the stimulation and you ejaculate easily, you can start doing it with your hands, or let your lover do it for you, as it’s always better and more fun as a couple.

What Are The Benefits Of a G-Spot Sex Toy?

Sex toys have multiple benefits in general, and they are even more relevant when it comes down to g-spot stimulation toys. There  are mainly 3 benefits that g-spot dildos have:

  1. As mentioned above, sex toys never get tired, and when it comes to stimulating the g-spot area, this becomes even more important due to the fact that it’s very tiring and requires some skills and physical strength.
  2. Sex toys are a great way to discover your own sexuality, discover your erogenous spots, and discover how to stimulate certain areas of your body that can be very pleasurable. Acquiring sex toys to help you do that on your own, or with your couple, become very useful to develop your sexuality and new ways to experience orgasms.
  3. Long terms relationships usually suffer from routine and lack of interest in sex overtime. This is actually one of the most common problems couples have in their sexual relationships. Sex toys are a great way to discover new sex games, new fantasies, or new sensations, and they are a great partner when it comes to exploring new ways of stimulation, especially the g-spot stimulation. They can also be part of a new sexual fantasy you may have, which will spice your sex life and make it so much better that it was before.

Where Can I Buy Sex Toys Discreetly And Safely?

Today you can buy sex toys very easily, either in online sex shops or in physical sex shops. Internet is without doubt killing the physical sex shops, as they can offer a much larger variety of models and options, and they can all easily be sent to your home within 24 hours.

There  are hundreds of online sex shops, but not all of them have a all the models and offer the same guarantee when it comes down to buying your sex toy. Trust and discretion become the number one requirements when it comes to online sex toys shopping.

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How Do I Know Which G-Spot Dildo Is Best For Me?

This is a tough question to answer, as all women are completely different in terms of sexual preferences and sexual stimulation. The best option is to buy one to try, probably don’t go for the most expensive one, just try a more basic one and see how it feels and what you like about it.

Once you know how they work and the sensations you experience in the g-spot area, you can look for a more sophisticated one. The basic features  your g-spot stimulator should have to start out would be:

  1. Vibration mode (at least one speed)
  2. Curved tip for easier reach of the g-spot area
  3. Thickness or size is not so important in this case

After you try it, you can then go for more sophisticated g-spot vibrators with multiple speeds, different stimulation areas, waterproof, different shapes, sizes, etc. Or you can simply choose the one that you like best after reading the features and advantages it has.

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